Miller Lite needs no introduction, but we'll give you one anyways. The original light beer, Miller Lite was born in 1975 right in our backyard in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Since then they've won more gold medals than any other light beer. And they don't keep all that shine for themselves: Miller gives back, helping empower future entrepreneurs, college students, and sports teams like the Dragons.  Learn more.



Scarlet is a mainstay in Boystown; everyone knows it, everyone goes there, everyone loves it. By offering warm surroundings, attention to original detail, and a splash of modern flair, Scarlet is a place anyone can call their place. Learn more.

MK Chiropractic strives to provide the body with the natural healing it needs to keep up with your busy schedule, whether that's through chiropractic adjustments, patient education, or the myriad other services they provide. Their approach is holistic, they know that our feet are the foundation on which we stand and if improper mobility exists there it will carry up to the spine. That sounds good to us rugby players. Learn more.



Men's Room is your one-stop shop for men's fashion, grooming accessories, leather, underwear, and tons more. Located in the heart of Boystown, this boutique is a must for any visit to historic Halsted Street. A little birdy told us that they also offer a nice selection of Chicago Dragons' merchandise at shockingly reasonable prices. Learn more.

Ketel One Vodka is a unique, high-quality crafted vodka with a crispness, clarity, and silky softness all its own. Made for the modern palate, at its heart is the unique combination of traditional copper pot stills and modern distilling techniques—not to mention over 300 years of distilling expertise. Learn more.


Chicago Deli (a trademark of Distinctive Foods LLC) makes some mighty fine food. They've been kind enough to provide the Dragons with some of their tremendous pretzel dogs for our Third Halfs, and we couldn't be happier about it. Not only are we feeding upwards of 50 people after our matches, but it's well known that rugby players have discerning palates. Chicago Deli hits all the marks. Learn more.


Andersonville Cryotherapy and Athletic Recovery Center provides short-duration freezing sessions in order to foster athletic recovery, provide beauty/anti-aging benefits, aid in weight loss, and to promote general health and wellness. As vain rugby players, we can't recommend this place enough. Learn more.